Sunday, January 7, 2018

North Korea's rocket, missile and nuclear weapons programs all probably got significant help from piracy of widely developed and available Korean-language software packages, research papers, and other scientific books and knowledge

It's kind of ironical. The very fact that North Korea and South Korea are brethren is one of the likely factors for the fast pace at which the North's rocket, missile and atomic bomb projects have evolved. Because of the South's vast, developed and flourishing economy, there's widespread availability of advanced, Korean-language 3D CAD, CAM and simulation programs, as well as top-quality scientific and research papers on physics and mathematics, including perhaps on engine design and rocket science. It isn't hard to imagine that a lot of this knowledge got transferred to the North, either because it was already available on the Web, or because of piracy. Once the North got/gets access to a particular advanced program, it was/is forever. You can't undo it. And because it was/is in Korean language, they're immediately comfortable with it and start milking the benefits. Had the North been a state with its own, separate, nowhere-else-used language, it wouldn't have been able to as easily understand and/or use software applications in other languages [because no meaningful software company would've developed applications in this nowhere-else-used language of North Korea].


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