Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Android is not the last operating system - this is both my wish and my prediction

Have we reached the point where Google's Android has become so popular/ubiquitous, so familiar, so entrenched into the ecosystem, and getting so much help from network effect that no other OS can ever hope to challenge it? Just when we start to think this way, it's worthwhile to recollect the utterly dominant position that Microsoft's Windows once had in computing, when Windows' market share made it feel like nobody could ever challenge it - not because Windows was/is the best OS, but because of reasons similar to Android's current apparent insurmountability - sheer popularity, network effect, strong and increasing familiarity, and a deep ecosystem of applications/developers, support services and industry backing.

Let's not blindly assume that Android is mankind's last, final operating system. One never knows what changes can and will occur in the future. At one point it seemed like Android's popularity will lead to the demise of Apple's iOS. But it hasn't happened yet and doesn't seem as likely today as it seemed back then. Firefox is rising once again now, just when it was beginning to be ignored. Russia is now a food/grain/wheat export superpower, and this didn't seem likely some years ago. So wait. And let's see what happens.

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