Thursday, April 27, 2017

This shift from open, interoperable communication standards and applications to closed and proprietary services like WhatsApp and Skype is not good at all [COMPACTIDEA]

Phone calls, SMSes, and emails are open, in the sense that anyone using any device, service, application or hardware platform can send and receive communication/data/information over these protocols. Messages and calls made using WhatsApp or Skype, on the other hand, aren't open. The protocols are closed, proprietary and secret. The apps for these services are available on select operating systems only. So Facebook can decide, whenever it likes, that it won't develop WhatsApp for the BlackBerry 10 OS anymore, and kill the beautiful BlackBerry Passport phone in an instant. Giving such absolute power to nefarious private corporations is not good at all. We cannot and must not let ourselves be at the mercy of these greedy companies to do such fundamental activities as talking and messaging. Nor should we let these firms decide which hardware/software platforms are going to survive and which not. Open protocols and standards are an absolute must for all of us, a non-negotiable right which we must never cede.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Drawing a parallel between the composite material GLARE and different job roles in a company [COMPACTIDEA]

In BBC's program "Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections" [link] on the Airbus A380 [link 1] [link 2] [link 3], he says that a composite made of fibreglass and aluminium [GLARE] was stronger than either of these two materials alone [even when each material alone is used with the same thickness as that of GLARE]. Also, these two materials served different purposes within the composite [thus providing the composite with both sets of benefits, albeit with only half the magnitude each]. For example, cement takes the compression while steel taken the tension. Better together when facing the same situation, simultaneously. Makes me feel like this is the way in companies, where different employees are given different job roles [finance, marketing, operations, etc.]. Neither is sufficient by himself, but together they're stronger than either by himself. Each "material" in a company serves a specific purpose when facing the same overall situation.