Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The money that EU has asked Apple to pay to Ireland isn't government's money - it is the people's money [COMPACTIDEA]

Most people think wrongly. Government money [in a democracy] isn't really government money. All of it is people's money. All. All of it must ultimately flow back to the people via various government expenditures/projects done on the behalf of the people that the government represents. Hence the money that the EU has asked Apple to pay [to Ireland] in reality belongs to Irish people. Small and big. Apple, a big and evil corporation, cannot be and must not be allowed to steal people's money [by not paying taxes] by using fancy legal tricks and PR. Corporations must not be allowed to become so big and powerful that all the world's people effectively are slaves to these entities. Apple must pay all taxes in full so that the deserved benefits and welfare programs flow to the common man.

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