Saturday, September 17, 2016

Airbus should launch a presidential plane version of the A380

All those wealthy rulers obsessed with my-size-is-bigger-than-your-size will love to get their hands on a presidential plane version of the A380. No other and nobody's presidential plane would be larger than this. Their tool would be the biggest, the fiercest, the largest, the most powerful. Giving the most satisfying feeling of "biggestness" at global meetings, conferences, events, etc. Even Obama would feel insecure that his toy, the 747, is relatively smaller and packs less punch. What a feeling it would be for a king that his plane is bigger than Amreeka's Air Force One!

For Airbus, the presidential planes would be a virtual goldmine. It would be their Airbus Force One! Years and maybe decades worth of lucrative maintenance, customization, spares, upgrades, repaints, training, cabin crew, repairs, and other contracts, with sky-high margins on each of these. Where are the brains of Airbus' salesmen? Why don't they see that having the unique distinction of being the biggest in the world appeals to the ego of so many wealthy rulers in this world?

And who knows? When a few of these super-wealthy rulers acquire the A380, it might even set off a "plane shaming" chain reaction, putting a sort-of "peer pressure" on the others to also match its size.

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