Sunday, October 25, 2015

Real-time video streaming from war zones using miniature drones can help to counter America's carefully controlled and falsified reporting of its wars

US doesn't allow independent reporting from the war zone in any of the wars it wages. The world gets to hear and see only the incomplete, distorted, controlled, falsified, abridged, misleading, self-serving and altered version of events that actually take place, to suit America's military-industrial complex and its foreign policy objectives. For example, the drizzle of reports about America's use of napalm and depleted uranium radioactive bombs in Iraq is most likely just the tip of the iceberg, and the world may never get to know the complete truth because America never allowed the truth to be recorded and reported. And this helps America to an astonishing extent because whenever allegations are made against America, America asks for evidence, knowing fully well that there wouldn't be any!

And the same story can be applied to all other wars waged by America - in Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Vietnam, and elsewhere.

Can we reveal to the world the true extent of the atrocities and barbarism conducted routinely, systematically and prolifically by the United States on other nations' peoples as a part of its official policy? Yes we can. Miniature sized camera-laden drones can be covertly deployed to the battlefields where America is waging its illegal and repulsive wars, in order to record and transmit video - in real-time - and thus reveal to the world the true extent of its genocide on innocents, bypassing the current controlled flow of information.

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