Monday, October 5, 2015

Clothing is, in many ways, similar to civil engineering

When I looked at the below French Connection [FCUK] shirt today, I felt and realized that the business of manufacturing clothing - such as shirts - and the clothing products themselves bear similarities, in more than one ways, to the civil engineering discipline.

Here's how:
  • Both entail the choice of correct materials, with properties such as the right strength, flexibility, etc.
  • In both, the concept of finish applies [in clothes, it means how cleanly and properly has the stitching being done, etc., while in civil it means the same for construction finish.
  • In both, the concept of design applies, albeit with a bit of philosophical difference. While design in the context of clothing refers primarily to the look of the product [and a bit less crucially to aspects such as "proper" covering of the body], in the case of civil, design refers to both the structural specifications/strength and to the look of the structure.
  • In both, joint/stitch applies. In civil, this means securely joining the various sub-structures, while in clothing it refers to properly stitching the various parts of the cloth.
  • Fit applies in both too. For clothing this crucial aspect refers to something properly and smartly fitting the designated customer segment, while in the case of civil the term capacity is somewhat analogous.

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