Monday, September 14, 2015

The world needs lean courts that quickly rule on small-sized issues which "clearly" violate public interest

For example, in 2013 Microsoft released a YouTube app for Windows Phone, which received praise from reviewers/users. However, Google blocked it, raising certain objections. In the world of Microsoft, the objections were addressed and the app was re-released, only to be blocked again by Google because the new app was also built using native code rather than Google-enforced HTML5.

Prima facie it appears that Google's demand that Microsoft's YouTube app be built using HTML5 [while noting that both Android and iOS have YouTube apps built using native code, and also that Google itself isn't willing to release a full-fledged YouTube app for Windows Phone] is unreasonable and burdensome, not to mention clearly against the public interest.

The regular route of filing a lawsuit, etc., is quite lengthy and bureaucratic, and so I believe that we need sort of lean or fast-track courts that speedily deliver judgments on small-sized issues where the public interest is quite clearly harmed. Such a court, for example, wouldn't interfere in issues such as Google's advertising being displayed in an improper way in Microsoft's YouTube app. However, it would deliver a judgment that Microsoft has the right to develop and deliver a YouTube app to Windows Phone users that's built using native code, using the argument that the Android and iOS apps for YouTube are both built using native code.

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