Wednesday, December 17, 2014

NSA, et al., will likely support spying on people's conversations even inside their cars, homes, hotels, etc., based on their "finding the needle in the haystack" argument

NSA and other related entities have frequently defended their global spying operations by appealing to the argument that they need to own the haystack in order to be able to find a needle in it. It is easy to understand that several times more communication takes place offline than online, meaning thereby in real-life and without involving modern technology such as phones, emails, FB, etc. [sitting around a lunch table, talking in a restaurant, a private conversation in a room, an executive meeting in a conference room, posting a letter via postal mail, etc.].

Since NSA and its other gang members are supportive of collecting as large a haystack as possible, it is therefore logical to conclude that offline communications are also in their line of fire, even if they aren't [yet] publicly talking about it, likely because of fears over public outcry.

That doesn't mean that they won't try to record people's offline conversations in the future, whether through miniature drones covertly and silently recording vocal conversations in rooms, or through exploitation of IoT devices which are spreading all over our cars, homes, etc.

The important point to note here is that the NSA will try to monitor people's offline conversations and their overall lives too - the agency's past behaviour makes its future trajectory clear. It is up to the people of the world to defend one of their fundamental rights - the right to privacy.

Update [27-Jun-17]: The true colors of these so-called civilized/developed nations can be seen in the actions they conduct when no one is looking. Australia wants to weaken encryption. So does UK. These barbaric nations package and present such anti-public proposals and actions in such a way that it appears that these are in the interest of the public. In reality, however, such actions are meant to monitor and control the public, so that it keeps working, earning and paying taxes, so that these tax collections can then be merrily looted by corrupt bureaucrats/politicians.

Update [27-Nov-17]: "Trump’s DOJ tries to rebrand weakened encryption as “responsible encryption”" - [link]. These poisonous snakes will sooner or later reveal their poison.

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