Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The world needs a "SearchMyStuff" service

I've created content on numerous Web properties:
  1. Emails in Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail
  2. Chats in Gmail
  3. Photos on Flickr, Orkut and  Picasa Web
  4. Tweets on Twitter
  5. Comments on Facebook
  6. Bookmarks and Videos on YouTube
  7. Posts on GMAT Club
  8. Questions on LinkedIn Answers and Yahoo Answers
  9. Blogs on Blogger
  10. Scraps on Orkut
  11. Contacts in Google Contacts and Yahoo Contacts
  12. Documents in Google Docs and Zoho
  13. Files on SkyDrive
  14. Events, etc., on Google Calendar
  15. Etc.
I know no service that allows me to conduct a search on all the content created by me, lurking on various Web properties owned by different companies. And I think that the world needs such a service. A service that allows me, for example, to conduct a search for the term Chrome, and retrieve all the content related to Chrome that I've created online. Creating such a service will be a tall order, and will involve APIs, business-interests, privacy, security, etc., but that doesn't mean that such a service won't be worth the effort.

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