Saturday, March 27, 2010

It should be possible to search for people similar to a person

Google provides a feature which I find useful - the ability to obtain webpages/websites similar to a webpage/website. For example, when I inputted Scaled Composites' website to this feature, I was returned a useful list of webpages and websites:

I sometimes wish that there should be a website (or a feature in a search engine), that allows me to input a specific person, and obtain a list of individuals related/similar to that person. For example, I read about Burt Rutan for the first time yesterday. Impressed and curious, I wished that Google have a feature which allows me to input something like http://human:Burt.Rutan:ID=1/, to its related feature, to obtain a list of people related/similar to Burt Rutan. Such a feature will probably require a central database, with machine-readable profiles of all contemporary and past notable/popular humans.