Tuesday, September 22, 2020

On Apple's App Store and Google Play - one of the worst and most evil developments that has taken place in the area of application software

  • THE PAYTM CASE, SEP'20: A non-US company like Paytm invests years of blood and sweat into establishing its products and services in a non-US nation [India, in this case], but it's a US company - Google - that makes the decision that Paytm can no longer be allowed to be newly downloaded/installed, in effect suddenly completely crushing the company? What the actual F is this? Further, and crucially, how can Google be allowed to be 'the' custodian of what's allowable and what's not on Google Play when clearly, Google itself competes fiercely in the digital payments space with Paytm with Google's own Google Pay as well as other products? Do we expect a proven extremely evil American giant to not try to severely harm its competitors using dubious or made-up excuses?
    • Google has forced Paytm to remove key promotional features in the Paytm app in order to 'get back' into 'compliance' with the Google Play 'policies'. In effect, Google has actually been able to cripple the features/functionality and even the marketing abilities of one of its chief rivals. Is this the healthy competitive landscape we all want?
      • It must be noted that Google Pay itself runs promotional campaigns similar to Paytm's campaign that Google arbitrarily and unilaterally claimed was akin to 'gambling'. It would be foolish to expect a giant evil US technology company to be fair.
    • What if a particular feature is fully compliant with the law of the land - as Paytm insists its promotional feature in question is - but in so-called 'violation' of Google Play policies? Will Google's policies dominate over and above India's sovereign laws? Further, Google itself isn't consistent in enforcing its so-called policies. When it comes to making money on YouTube ads, Google is ignoring the so-called violation.
      • "Conveniently, Paytm First Games can do a paid promotion on YouTube (which is owned by Google), but it is not allowed to do the same advertisement on the Paytm app, as per Google Policy."
    • The story behind Paytm App’s de-listing from Google Play Store [link]
    • Interim solution - strengthening alternative app stores: Samsung's Galaxy Store, for example.
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