Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Amazon's secret incursion into Google's Android turf using MediaTek Helio G90T's dual wake-up word feature is admirable [COMPACTIDEA]

No idea if this feature was conceived by Amazon or MediaTek. It's a masterstroke in the sense that Amazon has been able to establish Alexa as an equally-available digital voice assistant on what was formerly a Google-only space. Xiaomi must be receiving payments from Amazon for pre-installing and also integrating Alexa on their superhit Redmi Note 8 Pro handset - so far the only phone in the world powered by the G90T [did Xiaomi 'lock' MediaTek into selling the G90T only to Xiaomi - promising guaranteed huge sales - so that Realme, Oppo, Vivo, etc., wouldn't be able to offer an equivalent phone anytime soon?]. For Xiaomi, Amazon, MediaTek and also phone-buyers, it's a win-win. Xiaomi gets subsidies to price the phone lower [or maybe to raise profits, or even both], Xiaomi also gets bragging/marketing rights ["the first and only Alexa inbuilt phone"], Amazon firmly penetrates Google's hitherto monopolized arena, MediaTek achieves commercial success with huge G90T sales and maybe a snowball effect will follow [also setting a favorable atmosphere for its upcoming Dimensity flagship chips] and it also gets to look like a Qualcomm-challenging innovator and not just a poor-man's chipmaker, while customers get a powerful device at possibly subsidized price point plus a good feeling / flaunt value of owning a phone with Alexa [the "in thing" today in India]. Google is the big loser here, especially if this trend of two [and more later?] wake-up words sets in and Qualcomm, Huawei, Samsung, and others follow MediaTek's lead.

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