Friday, November 30, 2018

Russia needs a special low-capacity but long-range aircraft in order to properly connect and integrate its various distant regions [COMPACTIDEA]

For strategic reasons, it's vital that the various far-flung regions of Russia be connected and integrated tightly into a well-knit and cohesive unit. Railways is going to be too costly, so air travel is a more feasible option. But traffic won't be too large on these regional routes. Yet distances are usually great. Usually low-capacity planes also simultaneously have low range. Won't work within the mammoth Russia. Russia needs a special airplane that has low number of seats yet enough range to be able to fly between its various distant regions [say 30-50 seats and a few thousand kilometers]. Maybe an evolution of Saab 2000 or Beechcraft Super King Air or Fokker F27 Friendship, or perhaps Dornier 328. Or it could be a single airliner in 2 variants - a 30 seat version and a 50 seat version, to serve different intra-Russia routes depending upon expected passenger volume. And why restrict this plane to flying only within Russia? From within Russia - say from regional cities that are close to Russia's border areas - this bird could also fly to nearby second-tier or third-tier cities of other countries, something which wouldn't otherwise be commercially viable, but will now lead to more trade, more cultural exchanges, more tourism, and so on. Exports are obviously possible as well, especially to other similarly large countries that need to connect their far-flung regional areas - Brazil, Canada, Australia, China, etc.