Friday, October 20, 2017

One way to visually understand why total surface area of a sphere doesn't double when its volume is doubled [COMPACTIDEA]

This explanation uses a cylinder, but if you think carefully, it applies to a sphere too, albeit it's tougher and more complicated to visualize it properly. Now, when the length of a cylinder is doubled, its volume doubles, but the original and new surface areas are as follows:
  1. SAW + SAE + SAE
  2. NSAW + SAE + SAE
Where SAW= surface area of wall, SAE= surface area of end, NSAW= new surface area of wall. When volume is doubled, NSAW= 2*SAW, but SAE remains SAE. So when volume is doubled, 2*SAE remains 2*SAE rather than becoming 4* SAE [size of caps at the ends remains the same], hence the total surface area is lower than twice.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

A major limitation, a weakness of MBA programs at business schools is that they can't and don't teach you illegal, immoral or unethical practices [COMPACTIDEA]

Whereas, in real life, perhaps all big firms and all high-ranking folks routinely use ways and methods that anyone would call illegal, immoral or unethical. Like bribes, kickbacks, lobbying, abuse of monopoly position, "relationships" with ministers and politicians, forming anti-consumer cartels, abuse of employees, threats, deliberate theft of intellectual property, use of forged documents, use of harmful ingredients in food products [knowingly], and so on. It isn't like it's optional - it's very much essential. Numerous documented examples show that while companies and officials speak only moral, ethical and legal stuff in the public, in private the same companies and officials hold highly repulsive views and conduct equally repulsive actions.

And they're successful.

But business schools can't, don't and won't tell you to use accounting tricks or to stuff bribes down the throats of high-ranking officials. No MBA program will teach its students that even though America and Europe preach morality, human rights and democracy to the rest of the world, in reality the British, the French and the Americans knowingly resorted to mass-murder of Libyan people, destruction of Libyan infrastructure and property, daylight theft of Libyan oil and arming of terrorist groups inside Libya. The latter is what is done in reality in order to quickly get rich and to preserve the American/European "way of life". But no business school will teach doing any of this.

And all of this is a major shortcoming of current management programs.