Friday, August 25, 2017

Donald Trump should post short-length videos instead of giving out short-length text statements on Twitter

Text, if it's brief, removes the feelings, the emotions, the expressions, the gestures, etc., from the overall message. It's very mechanical, cold and thin form of communication [unless it's a long, eloquently-written, detailed story and the reader reads all of it]. Short text is easy to misinterpret, and the real intentions are frequently missed out because we aren't actually seeing and/or hearing a/the person speak. This unfortunate fact about writing is powerfully and systematically used by Western media to demonize foreign leaders they don't like - for example they won't frequently/repeatedly show you the various English-language video interviews of Bashar al-Assad, because that would make you realize that Mr. Assad seems like a very reasonable man, a loyal Syrian, and a defender of his people, in total contrast to his butcher-like image that Western media has carefully crafted. So, Donald Trump should post short-length videos instead of short-length text posts on Twitter. When people will see him, they'll feel what he's trying to say, rather than only worrying about the spelling mistakes or the exclamation marks.

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