Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Startups have got stereotyped - non-traditional startups aren't being considered as startups [COMPACTIDEA]

Wherever we look around, startups have this typical look - a bunch of guys with laptops [preferably MacBooks], discussing stuff in a cafe over a cup of coffee or in a room with lots of colorful sticky notes pasted on a wall. Technology must be involved. Preferably deeply related to the Internet. Presence of laptops and iPads is a must. Sitting around a table and discussing is a must. And so on. Startups, in a way, have got stereotyped.

I refuse to accept this stereotype. And I refuse to accept that you can't be a startup if you're in one of the "traditional" industries, like manufacturing. You're a startup if you start small and aim high and if you behave and move like a startup and if you're replete with innovation and learning. You're not necessarily a non-startup just because your "startup" belongs to an industry which isn't among the types of industries that are typically associated with startups. If you're thriving and growing despite considerable and formidable challenges, you're a startup.

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