Sunday, December 13, 2015

Certain mortality is a key reason why people don't worry as much about environment, non-renewable resources, etc.

People consciously or sub-consciously believe that they all have limited lifespans, and death after a few decades of life is certain, so why should they discomfort their limited lives in order to prevent things which they themselves certainly won't face? The term future generations doesn't worry people a lot, since people believe that technology will eventually find a way out of every problem. Had lifespans been very long [or perhaps unlimited], then people would've worried more about the pollution they're creating, the landfills they're heaping up, the garbage they're littering, the poisons they're letting into the oceans, the species they're making extinct, and so on. Because then people would know that they would themselves face the unfavorable consequences of their own past actions. People don't see any consequences for themselves now.

Hence the propensity to exploit the environment and the planet as much as possible for private gains. This is somewhat related to the tragedy of the commons, although not completely.

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