Saturday, May 22, 2010

Masquerading as someone in Blogger comments (almost)

This concerning thought came to my mind a few days back. How easy is it to disguise your true identity and masquerade as someone else on Blogger? Too easy, it seems, as far as comments given on Blogger posts are concerned.

To exemplify, what do I need to do to make an unsuspecting individual believe that a comment is from the real "Dharma" (as visible in the image below), when it is actually by me? I only need to sign-up and create a Blogger account, and copy the name and photo of the real Dharma in the newly-created account's profile (and possibly copy other information from the real Dharma's profile).

In all probability, a reader (or the post's author) will not realize that the comment is by a masquerader, unless he/she makes the effort of clicking on the name and checking the profile (something I believe cannot practically be done for all the comments on all the posts). So, if I have a friend named X, who sometimes posts comments on my blog, it's possible for a Y to comment on a post, posing as X.

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