Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Manywhere" should be added to the English dictionary

For at least 2-3 years, I've been freely using the word manywhere in my personal documents, though I'm aware that it isn't a word in the English dictionary. I use it for meanings such as 'at many places', 'in many situations', etc. Examples of usage include:
  1. I went manywhere but couldn't find that shirt
  2. You can spot that breed of dog manywhere
I believe that manywhere should be added to the English dictionary to encourage its widespread use, because it fits well in situations when you want to use a single word to describe multiple places/situations, and also because it derives so naturally from the words nowhere, somewhere, and everywhere.

I googled manywhere today, and found that someone has already added it to the Urban Dictionary. Interesting.

Update (21-May-10): A thought came to my mind today, which semantically related manywhere to its cousins:

Everywhere > Manywhere > Somewhere (or Fewwhere?) > Nowhere

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  1. I noticed just today [12-Oct-14] that I'm not the only one using the word "manywhere". A search on Google shows that other people have also thought on similar lines!