Monday, August 10, 2009

Hoping to make a killing on my small investment...

Last Wednesday (5-8-09), I invested a small amount in a book - INR 1,300 (~$27). I hope to get a return in the range of 5,000-50,000 times, over the course of next few years. I term such an investment, a "HyperInvestment".

Let's see how things pan out.


  1. Update (26-Jul-10): Made another (similar) investment today - INR 1,375 in another book. Hoping that this favorably strengthens the effect of the previous investment.

  2. Update 2 (29-Aug-10): In retrospect, I'm very happy that on 26-Jul-10, I didn't find any of the two books I had gone to buy, forcing me to buy a different book (which I would've never bought had I got those two books).

  3. Update 3 (25-Sep-10): Just scheduled a GMAT appointment. Let's see what happens.

  4. Update 4 (3-Oct-10): Okay, on 5-Aug-09 I bought The Official Guide for GMAT® Review, 12th Edition at Delhi. On 26-Jul-10, I went to buy two books:

    1) The Official Guide for GMAT® Quantitative Review, 2nd Edition
    2) The Official Guide for GMAT® Verbal Review, 2nd Edition

    However, neither was available. So I ended up buying Kaplan GMAT 2010-2011 Premier with CD-ROM. Boy, what a "mistake" it was! In retrospect, I'm so happy that I bought the Kaplan book. I might not have been able to score a 760 without the practice, the tools and the techniques that I got from Kaplan :)

  5. Update 5 (8-May-13): And now that I'm done with MBA, I can happily say that the small "investments" I had made in 2009 and 2010 have proved very, very fruitful. I'm totally happy and satisfied with these "investments".